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The Top Most Android Applications

Android is one of the most popular mobile softwares prevailing in the market today. This is a software stack, which is used for mobile devices having operating systems, middleware and some key applications. The SDK version of Android includes various sample projects with source codes, development tools, essential libraries and an emulator. It is also an ocean of endless exciting applications out of which most are written using the Java programming language. These applications run on Dalvik, which is a custom virtual machine that has been designed specially for an embedded use. Let us consider the top most android applications that are leading the android market nowadays.

The first one is the Layar. Layar is a practical application that is the most beneficial when you wish to access Wikipedia subjects through your mobile phones on the go.

The second popular Android app is Listen. This app is also referred to as the king of podcast apps. This app will help you find audio content as well as manage your subscriptions in Google reader.

The third popular android app excelling the market is AnyCut. This app will help you to have neat things on your Android home screen. You will also be able to access the deepest guts of your phone settings like switching on and off your 3G settings, enabling location services as well as many other tricks round the corner.

The most popular android app prevailing in the market nowadays includes the ASTRO File Manager. This is one of those apps that help you to navigate files on your SD. One can also easily access the internal memory of their phones with the help of built-in task killer of this android app.