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Significance of Themes in WordPress Development

Themes play a significant role in the process of WordPress Development as these themes play the role of a ‘skin’ for your weblog. Changing the skin implies that only the design of the site has been changed. Using themes provide more control over the look and presentation of the website.

A wordpress theme is basically a collection of files that work together for producing a graphical interface with a weblog’s unifying design. These files in a theme are also called template files that help a WordPress Developer to modify the display of a website, without the need of modifying the underlying software.

Themes generally include customized template image files like JPG, GIF or style sheets CSS along with custom pages and necessary code files like PHP. The purpose of using these template files is to provide a different look and feel to every page and category of the website. In this process, wordpress loop also supports the template files.

The WordPress Website Developers also use wordpress themes to modify and customize every new website according to the requirement of site owners and clients. Some of the other advantages, which the usability of wordpress themes provide are:

• Unique look for the wordpress site

• Proper usage of the features of templates, template tags, and wordpress Loop for generating different website results

• Provision of alternative templates for specific features of sites

•  Quick switch between layouts of two different sites

•  Proper usage of theme or style switcher for the site owners to change the look of their sites

These themes are also quite easy to download and install in your websites.