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Managing Portfolio of WordPress Websites Made Easier and Efficient

Working on multiple sites is a protocol that most professionals need to follow these days. Especially when dealing with clients, managing many WordPress sites at a time, seem essential. Keeping updates about the plugin activation and deactivation and analytics individually for each site can ask a professional for not just his time, but efforts and hard work too. A single mistake can cause anyone a lot of unsolicited troubles, which may lead to their site’s control getting revealed into the hands of a hacker. Just to fix these issues in an efficient manner, today many tools are available that help in managing multiple WordPress sites through a single dashboard.

What these tools are?

Managing multiple sites through a single tool ensures easy time management for every professional. Currently there are many options available, when it comes to choosing one such tool. Seeing the options, getting confused is likely, but researching carefully and choosing one that ideally fits in what one’s looking at, can do the needful.

With several viable options available, the user needs to look deeply into the features and functionality. Just few such tools, which top the popularity list, are mentioned below:


The first and finest WordPress management console known, it helps users in managing unlimited number of WP sites most conveniently.


  • A single click access to any number of WP sites
  • One click theme and plugin management
  • Instant upgrade to latest versions
  • Intuitive interface
  • Real time detection of issues

Infinite WP

What makes this tool different is its ability to run on the user’s server rather than a hosting website. Relatively new tool in market, it can run locally.


  • Just one master login for any number of WP sites
  • Single click plugin update for many sites
  • Restoration and notifications are instant and so is backup
  • Installation of multiple plugins on different websites done all together
  • Instant activation/deactivation of themes and multiple plugins
  • Efficient management of local and remote sites

WP Remote

Glancing through any number of WP sites turns easier with this tool. It is available for download free of cost.


  • Instant updates for plugin, core WordPress and themes
  • Backups for any number of sites
  • The number of sites is unlimited
  • Available as a smartphone app for free

The addition of these tools has helped people in focusing on the core requirements of their work qualitatively. Users now enjoy liberty from the cumbersome and time-consuming task of managing multiple WP sites, with a one-stop solution that is safe, secured, and up-to-date.