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Tricks to Build SEO Driven Landing Pages

In 2013, content marketing has become a very important marketing tool. By now you must have realized how landing pages affect your as well as your clients’ SEO. Landing pages play major part in attracting traffic to your site.

Building strong and competitive landing pages which are solely going to represent your brand image and able to drive more and more traffic to your web is extremely important.

In this presentation we will go through some interesting tactics that will help you in building competitive and strong landing pages:

  • Captivating content of landing page:
  1. Content on landing pages should be attractive, interesting, concise and informative.
  2. Content should be up-to-date; as the visitor would like to get the latest information.
  3. Reduce ads on landing pages if they are distracting or lacking the essence of content.
  4. Keep a close eye on the metrics of your webpage and comments, feedback of your visitors, they will determine the engagement capacity of content.
  •  Architecture of landing page:
  1.  Make user friendly architecture of landing pages.
  2.  Make effective use of diagrams, charts, screenshots, pictograms and videos in the content.
  3.  Basic structural changes of landing pages should match the content and content layout.
  •  Identical keywords of landing pages:
  1.  Arrange the landing pages corresponding to keywords.
  2.  For main keyword, landing page should be the home page; but for other keywords position other concerned pages of your website accordingly.
  3.  Identical arrangement of landing pages to keywords will help to rank better in search results.
  •  Keep an eye on rank of landing pages:
  1.  Use Google analytics to track ranking of your landing pages. You might lose the visitor/s of your site because of inappropriate keywords; so be alert.
  •  Knowledge driven landing pages:
  1.  At given point of time you won’t know the knowledge level of your visitor regarding your product and business. Therefore build landing pages keeping in mind the view point of all visitors.
  2.  Content should be able to answer almost all the questions of your visitor.
  • Analysis:
  1.  Now after taking all necessary steps analyze the metrics of your landing pages in the form of bounce rate, average time per page, % exit etc.
  2.  After analyzing find out if still there are any irrelevant landing pages coming in search results and fix them.

Work along with the above guidelines and capture the SEO market…