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Why web development India?

Seeing the growing importance of website for a successful business, more and more companies are looking to outsource the work to professional web development service providers. Each organization wants that its website to be the best, so it puts lots of efforts in searching the right service provider. A common thing among all these companies is their preference toward web development India over the other western companies. Despite the concept of a website did not originated in India, the companies here enjoy a major share of work being outsourced from across the globe. About 90% of the work outsourced comes to India. The web development service providers in India have been able to deliver ideal solutions to the companies from all over the world.

There are various reasons behind India enjoying a major share of the pie. One of them is the talented pool of IT professionals in this country. India is the home to millions of It professionals who have the skills, and the knowledge to undertake challenging assignments. They put in lots of effort in understanding the requirements of the client and work according to them. Another reason is the cost of living in this part of the world. India is a developing nation and cost of living here is much lower than that in the western countries. Therefore, the Indian companies are able top offer web development services at a much lower charge than their western counterparts. Other factors such as strong government support and lower infrastructural cost also make web development India a preferable brand.