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Work Better On Your Facebook Page for SEO Marketing

Facebook is definitely a good way to promote your products and services but promotion through this social networking site does not end by just creating a page on it. This platform can work wonders for the SEO process of any web development company but the need is to work on it. There are some special tactics and techniques that help to make maximum profits out of Facebook promotion. In this blog, we are going to discuss few of the important ones.

Firstly, don’t ignore your page and spend as much time you can, on it. Starting with the essentials, always aim to use the keyword in your URL or rightly said the username. Moreover, don’t forget to keep it short and memorable as such usernames are better remembered by the Facebook users. Getting a username with Facebook is a mere requirement of 25 fans. Once you get these many fans, a good option can be to provide a unique username for each page.

A username once selected for the Facebook cannot be changed but the page name can be in case you have less than 100 fans. For the page name, don’t go with the general terms and target for something specific related to your company’s identity. The advantage of changing page name need not necessarily be used as it can work adversely for your SEO process.

As using keywords in username is beneficial, so it is in case of status updates. While working with Facebook, don’t forget to regularly upload links to your main websites on other sources too like your core website, blogs, contact page, twitter profile and linkedin profile. Avoiding content wrapping and regularly optimizing photos also largely help in the process.