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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Over the years, mobile phones and other handheld devices have contributed substantially to the overall viewership of a website. If latest reports are to be believed, it is not long before the mobile Internet users have more stakes in viewership of a website than their desktop and laptop counterparts. In such as scenario, it is therefore important to make a website mobile friendly and to test it for different smartphone platforms.

Use of Mobile Emulators

If you do not have a mobile responsive website, chances are that you are losing out on potential web-traffic. So how do you know if your website is made for audience on mobile phones and handheld devices? The best way to check if your website is mobile responsive, is to make use of mobile phone emulators.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Emulators

  • Mobile phone emulators not only check the responsiveness and functionality of the mobile websites across different mobile devices, but also highlight the issues concerning the website.
  • Testing through a mobile emulator can help you do away with the pain of testing your website on different devices. Developers can test the website on a virtual mobile interface for different functionalities.
  • There are number of mobile phone emulators available online, here are a few popular ones that you can use to test your website.
    1. MobileTest.me
    2. iPhone.com
    3. MobilePhoneEmulator.com
    4. iPadPeek.com
    5. ResponsivePx.com

    Responsive Web Design is a great way to mark your online presence. But it shouldn’t be the only consideration when you are planning to optimize your website. Thus, before making an informed decision, you should evaluate all your options and opt for a service that best suits your business requirements.

    Benefits of a Sitemap in Web Page Design

    Sitemap is one of those two things that help in effective working of any search engine while other being the electronic spider searches. Sitemap is basically a webpage, which consists of directories, links and various information files. Its information is acquired in a random order but it maintains an organized database collection, which is as easy to read and understand as an index of a book.

    These sitemaps are of three types i.e. indexed, full categorical and restricted categorical. The indexed sitemap appears like a directory or alphabetical listing. The full categorical sitemap displays the categorized links and the restricted categorical sitemap displays links belonging to some particular category.

    It is used in a website to provide a direction to the web users. People who indulge in navigating from one web page to another with the help of search engines are able to get correct and accurate information through sitemaps. These sitemaps are responsible for giving the most suitable results by customized optimization, making the search much easier and faster.

    There are many more advantages offered by the use of a sitemap. Apart from making navigation from page to page easier and making search refined, a sitemap provides a direct access to any link present on a website. This helps to increase the number of advertisements as people are easily able to reach the information associated with a product or service. This in turn helps to improve the marketing value of a company and its products. Along with making website tracking easy, it also largely increases the traffic for a website.

    Web Designing Companies Have Outgrown Themselves

    With the advent of globalization in the internet age, the need for web designing company also increased. Complex coding can add much to the layout of a website but as a result the coding becomes much complex for a programmer to understand. Web designing services deals with using the latest modules to design a website so that its functionality is not affected. Some of the ways that web development companies use now days to design a website include Gradients that assist in improving the logo, headlines and the buttons embedded on a website. A gradient also enhances the background of a website thereby making it more attractive. Some of the top webs designing tools used now include fireworks, Dreamweaver, Panic Coda, Firebug and Photoshop.

    The spacing between the letters of the content of the website is also very important. The website designing and development services offered include services of search engine optimization also, which is in short known as SEO. Search engine optimization services are oriented towards visibility and ranking of a website. It is because of the search algorithms that Google employs, the search engine displays only the important information of a website. It is the responsibility of an SEO expert to generate keywords that keep in alliance with the search algorithms used by Google. SEO shortcuts are always a big no because Google has become much smarter with time and it is after the release of ‘Panda updates’ many websites have been slaughtered.

    What to Prefer For Web Design-Joomla or WordPress

    When we talk about choosing a customized CMS for your website, two names that instantly come to our minds are Joomla WordPress. Both of these content management systems have made a strong image in the market and are used by millions of web design companies and designers across the world. However, when it comes to selecting any one of them, the decision is quite a difficult one. Through this blog, you would know some important features of both these content management systems that will help you to decide which one is better than the other.

    Firstly based on the usability of both these CMS tools, wordpress definitely scores higher as it is easier to learn. However, Joomla is also bringing improvement in its usability features with every new version. At the present basis, Joomla offers much more advanced functionality as compared to WordPress.

    Next feature to compare between the two is their versatility. In this category, wordpress is regarded as better blog software, while Joomla wins the race as an advanced content management tool. Joomla is said to possess features that can target almost every industry while wordpress is better off as a publishing tool.

    When talking in terms of SEO, wordpress is strictly a better option. Websites created through wordpress is highly search engine friendly due to which its web pages enjoy a higher ranking. While working with Joomla based websites, the web designers have to get into some customization to derive its full benefits for the SEO purposes.

    Considering features like scalability, integration, or development of bespoke features, Joomla stands out to be a winner but when we talk about working with the administration features, WordPress definitely takes over Joomla. Thus, you can decide which CMS to choose as per the features you prioritize for your web design.

    Design Corporate Identity with the Refreshing Typographic Logos

    If you are aware about what is a ‘Corporate Identity’ then you must be aware about how difficult it is develop a unique one that provides you bang-on hype in the market. The biggies of the corporate world are identified and very well associated with their logos. Trends change with changing times and something better and refreshing than before has to be adopted to make it work.

    Logo trends have changed from Tactile Logos, Arabesque, Classic Modernism, to Pictograms. All these logo styles differ from each other and these styles have also been frequently used in the field of Website Design Maintenance. These styles carry a unique approach and are competent to convince and attract the customers in their own good way.

    Amongst all these designs, the typographic logos are something new to talk about. One word that at once goes with such logos is trendy as they are the in-pieces nowadays. These logos tend to carry a silent elegance that much goes with the heavy and unique corporate identity of any company. The specialty of these designs is that they are not easy to avoid or ignore at a glance.

    These typographic logos are a new tool to custom Design Corporate Identity. These logos combine the corporate essence and identity of a company with the company’s missions which are needed to be conveyed by means of ‘type’ only.

    Designing a typographic logo is not the job of an inexperienced or debutant designer or logo designing company. The task is better managed by a designer who has studied the world of corporate identity designing and knows the tactics of attracting the audience attached to it.

    Advantages of Redesigning Website

    Nothing remains static in this world, and a positive change is a first step for achieving perfection in any business domain. In other words, one has to make changes in each domain according to the market trend, preferences and requirements. Website Redesigning is essential to move with the pace of this ever-changing world, as an elegant looking website attracts maximum number of audiences, which can be useful for the promotion of services and products online. Here are some of the benefits for redesigning of website:

    Improved Framework: A professional web development company can do wonders for the framework of any website, as it can make your product easy to access on the internet, which helps customers to make their choice and perform various web operations quickly.

    Speed and Efficiency: Speed has a deep relationship with efficiency, if a website is quicker than other related websites; it increases the efficiency of its users in a better way. So with the help of latest technologies like Ajax, callback and other plug-ins, one can make website’s performance faster than before.

    Better Content: Useful content is also known as one of the important phases of Website Design Maintenance. A better content always help websites to attain high ranking on various search engines, which is essential for establishing  an effective corporate identity in the market.

    Better Navigation:  A quality web redesigning process can help you to have better navigation in your website, which enables users to find the useful information in less time.

    Therefore, if you are planning to redevelop or redesign your website, the above-mentioned advantages can help you to choose the appropriate company for the maintenance of your website.

    Website Redesign Company: The Importance of UX

    Websites designed by leading website redesign company, along with the latest web applications, have made lot of progress with the help of latest technologies, designing methodologies and tools. Earlier, websites used to be a one-way static medium offering information to the users. However, nowadays they have become much more interactive and offer a rich and unique experience to the users.

    Although websites and several other things related to it have changed over the time, the success of a website still depends on one basic thing – how the users distinguish it from the others. Website maintenance companies believe that the purpose of having a website is fulfilled only when it proves to be valuable to the users, and offers an easy and pleasant experience to them.

    Hence, while designing a website, it is very important for a designer working with a leading website redesign company to take care of the User Experience design and ensure that all their requirements are met.

    User experience, or what is termed as UX, is about the experience of a person while interfacing with a system. The system can be anything ranging from a website or a web application to desktop software, which involves some sort of human-computer interaction (HCI). This term was coined by Dr. Donald Norman, who was a cognitive science researcher and also the first person who described the importance of having a user-centred website design for fulfilling every requirement of the users.

    In the present competitive market, website maintenance companies give great importance to UX because it is about dealing with the users’ needs, which determines the success or failure of a given website.

    Ways to Improve Corporate Identity

    Corporate identity represents the characteristics of any business enterprise, and customers always look forward to take the services from the best brands available. In today’s competitive environment, there is mushrooming of contradictory messages related to various brands, and an effective brand identity can isolate your product from the rest of the products available in the market. Hence, corporate identity can create a better picture in your client’s mind. The following ways can improvise the corporate identity of your organization:

    • Target Audience: In order to develop strong corporate identity in the market, you need to know about your targeted clients, and the marketing strategies should be based according to the preferences and locations of your clients.
    • Logo for Brand: Creating an effective logo is also one of the important ways to attract the audiences towards your product, as it can create a positive impression of your product in the client’s mind. There should be a relation between your business logo with the nature of business.
    • Importance of Corporate Identity: Corporate identity branding is very useful for small as well as the large enterprises, but in case of small businesses, it is more important to make the trust on the customers by creating the effective policies and offers.

    Apart from the above-mentioned measures, you can also take the assistance of several corporate identity consultants for the rapid growth of your business.

    Reasons for the Popularity of Web Design in India

    The vast software resource availability in different parts of India has made this country a software giant in the 21century. The software professionals in this country are well qualified and provide world class services at very affordable prices. This is the reason why the demand of Web Design in India is rising along with the growth in the business field.

    A Web Design Company in India offers has a team of skilled experts who excel in the services of Website design and development, software development, e-commerce solutions etc and in this regards they have outclassed others in the global IT industry. Of late, people from different parts of the world have started outsourcing their web projects to Indian web design companies. They Indulge in designing and developing for all kinds of websites be it dynamic websites, CMS website, e-commerce website or B2B and B2C portals. Indian software professionals have an outstanding programming level which is second to none in the international IT arena. The IT educational institutes in India have contributed a great deal to this. They train students to take the extreme challenges in the IT field.

    An important reason why every company or organization wishes to outsource web design projects to a website design company in India is the best maintenance i.e. after service support provided by Indian software companies and professionals. Also good communication skill (especially in English) of Indian web designing professionals contributes to handle the western countries’ clients and give them the best care for their website maintenance.

    Thus it becomes very clear that outsourcing your web designing work to Web Design in India can be beneficial to your firm.

    Outsourcing Web Design in India Can Do Wonders for Your Company.

    Web design India is the term that sums of the services of web designing, SEO services, web development, all in all the services that enhance the website of a company building in more traffic. Today, when competition in the business world is rising day by day, it becomes very essential to have the most updated and effective website for your company if you wish to compete with all the other leading companies.

    There are several web designing companies all over the world but a web design company in India is the most reliable one as it has been felt globally that it gets your work done quicker and that too in the best possible way. These companies also provide e-commerce solutions to those company owners who are willing to get their websites designed from that viewpoint. It is very vital for any web designing company to carefully understand the type of CSS layout for your website and operate in a way to bring maximum output by incorporating CSS with SEO.

    These days a website design company in India or any other country uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to design a website professionally. If CSS is a new technical term for you, the first question that will come to your mind will be what difference use of CSS will make in your final web presentation. CSS is a formatted way of presenting information which is done by assembling and putting all the products in the proper format which is better than using tables as using tables has become too old procedure to attract the visitors.

    In other simple words, CSS is the base for formatting and layout guidelines for all kinds of websites. It controls your entire webpage, be it in terms of a customer or in terms of search engine. Generally a search engine links a keyword either by understanding the importance of it through density which ay lead to lead to black listing of any site, if done in excess, or if those words have been highlighted. The old way of working had the usage of bold and underlines. This kind of work would have irritated the visitors as well as the search engine operators. Whereas, a CSS file defines these very words in a way which the search engine through defined tags are able to understand that these are the keywords; and the customer also has no complains.
    Also the web design in India helps in eliminating the repetitive tags which can cause a problem and the text styling can be improved with the help of these CSS Files.

    Thus a web design company in India after a through understanding of CSS files designs your website making it more professional and effective that before.

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