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How digital marketing help to boost your startup in 2019?

In this fast-paced world of business, establishing and growing your startup can slightly be a challenging task. In my opinion, how you present your brand is a vital factor. Many startups make a grave mistake by thinking that a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile is not necessary.

Let me first briefly define what is ‘What is Digital Marketing?’

Digital marketing is a strategic process of marketing your products or services by leveraging various digital channels such as social media, search engines, and others. Digital marketing, also known as online marketing is becoming apparently crucial for running a successful business.

So, let us see how digital marketing can give your startup a competitive edge in 2019?

User experience:

The fundamental goal of any business is to attract more customers and convert them to sales. Therefore, engaging your audience and establishing a strong relationship with them is key to success. Some of the digital marketing tools to engage your users are email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. Constantly updating your customers with your latest services, products, events or any other interesting news about your company is essential.

Creative content:

A majority of users are online because there are looking for content that is relevant and informative. So, it is very crucial to create creative content and publish it on the right platform. Great content not only increases traffic to your website but guarantees higher search engine rankings.

Social media platforms:

The powerful content prepared by you are of no use if the content has not been shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. As a startup, you need to be consistent with your social media marketing strategy to target more audience. Having a good social media campaign can have a huge impact on your brand image, search engine ranking and of course, improved sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website to make it appear on the first page of search engines is termed as Search engine optimization or simply SEO. The higher your website ranks, the greater is the chance of gaining more users. SEO is a powerful marketing strategy that involves optimizing different aspects of your website like page speed, images, content, title tags, etc.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Advertising your products and services on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are  SMM. This is one of the prime requisites for any startups to thrive in this competitive business world. Social media gives you the liberty of targeting the right kind of audience, budget control and even track down the prospective leads.

In a nutshell, if you are planning to make your startup grow in this ever-growing technology-driven marketplace, then digital marketing is a must. Brainwork Technologies is a high-rated digital marketing agency helping startups reach great heights. So, contact us right now!!!

SEO Agency India

The High Rising Demand for SEO Agencies

SEO Practices play a crucial role for your website in order to gain prominence on the digital ground and propel higher on the Google search pages. Further, it is worth noting that there exist certain factors, which bear positively on your website ranking. SEO Practices come handy to ensure that all these vital factors are considered while necessary changes are incorporated in the light of these factors. Consequently, backlinks and inbound links are fixed on the internet to draw traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is the method of improving the quantity and quality of traffic to a website by making its contents search engine friendly. The SEO Agencies organize and amend a website to make it as well-matched as possible with various search engines.

In case you have incorporated a business website in your field of operation, then it is crucial that relevant content is published on it. Further, this published content should convey the knowledge, exact message, and information to end-users. This will strike the right way with the purpose of your website as well as the purpose of the content. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the SEO Agencies to ensure that visibility to your website widens.

Here are some of the concerns, which prompt the need to sign with SEO Agencies:

  • SEO propels organic traffic to your website
  • SEO brings in enhanced tend more towards organic results, unlike paid ads
  • SEO helps in boosting website ranking
  • It is a cost-effective option, unlike expensive paid ads in search engines
  • SEO has a vital role to play in increasing conversion rate

Internet marketing is at the heart of SEO. Therefore, thorough research should be carried out in order to ensure that you crack a deal with a good SEO Agency such as Brainwork Technologies Pvt Ltd. Moreover, you can dig into a wide array of benefits, availed by SEO only if you opt for an experienced and competent provider, which will formulate a right SEO technique in the light of your needs. Considering to the fact that there exists a number of SEO Agencies, make it a point that you sign on with a trusted and reliable one, with over a decade-long presence in the industry. Furthermore, going through the reviews and comments regarding the services of an agency will fill you in a lot about the company.

Therefore, the main goal of SEO Agencies who develop marketing strategies to push your product and services online is to make sure the content published by you is interesting.

Look at the Contract before Availing SEO Services

It is always essentials to look at the contract before starting any project or before signing a deal with any company providing you with the SEO Services. This is very crucial, as it will help you to provide protection from unnecessary things, ease the flow of communication between the company and you, and helps to keep the project on track throughout. The contract ensures that the project will be completed within the given timeframe even if the person working on it is not able to complete it for some reason. However, it is always advisable to maintain a record of accomplishment along with the contact information and other details in case of emergency. It is always an added advantage to include and update the dates regularly and it is highly advisable to read all the terms and conditions before starting the project.

The next thing is to understand clearly the payment terms that includes the amount, dates and conditions, discounts, penalties and the most important thing- the method of payment. Always remember to cross check as in how well the company providing SEO Services is capable of maintaining the confidentiality terms. A policy concerning dispute resolution will help you to avoid any confrontation going out of control. The legal considerations like the nature of the working relationships, liabilities, warranties, process for legal recourse, income tax and other benefits needs clear discussion before the project gets a green signal. If you ensure all these things before finalizing a contract, then it will bring about transparency and effectiveness in the services.

Tips for quality SEO for your website

The first tip as a part of your SEO campaign would be to generate good sets of keywords so that you can create a good ON-page optimization campaign. Keywords are generated keeping in mind the common search pattern of the user and these similar phrases are included in the content that are posted on your website to make it rank higher. The early stages of the campaign should deal with utilizing all the major keywords that have not been targeted much by the company because these will assist the firm in getting an initial boost or in short these are the low hanging fruits. As content is considered as the king, quality contents that contain the generated sets of keywords have to be posted on your website so that they are detected by the search engine spiders.

A landing page on your website will assist the visitor in accessing the relevant information based on the keyword directly without any further searching. This strategy will encourage them to stay on your website much longer and explore the site more than expected. Landing pages are considered to be the magnetic aspect of ON-page optimization strategies. OFF-site contents in the form of international articles, blogs and press releases of high quality will definitely assist in leaving an impression on the visitors who come to your site. The last step would be the timely analyses of the ON-page and OFF-site optimization strategies so that you can make sure the implemented strategies are working effectively.

Searching with Google’s search plus

Search giant Google has modified its search patterns once again and the best part is that the new all ‘Search Plus’ is already generating positive results due to its personalized features. One of its features named as Search Plus Your World offers you search results from social networking platforms like Google Plus. Searching people or long lost friends are pretty much easy using Search plus Your World given the condition that they are on Google plus. This part will appear as an automated suggestion when the user is searching on Google.com. Similar search method using the latest searching tool can used to track down the profiles of notable personalities and public figures.

People who are satisfied with their plain old search engine of that of Google can switch back by clicking on the icon of the globe on right hand corner of the search. In order to change the personalization search option permanently all you have to do is change the search option from the search preferences list. After realise of the search system, mot much was good between Twitter and the search engine company as Twitter believed that the search results were overlapping the important pages from Twitter and it focussed more on the pages created by the social networking site.

What Google Search Plus does?
• Offers search results in the form of profiles in Google plus
• This search encourages you more towards the Social networking site of Google Plus
• Assists in finding information shared on Google Plus

SEO Company today

The success of a SEO company depends on its strategies employed that must be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the search engine. We all are familiar with the fact that search engine optimization is all about improving a sites visibility in some of the renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo and many more. The search engine optimization operations are all about creating a combination of offsite tactics with on site optimization so that natural looking back links can be created in order to improve the organic ranking.

The basic operations included in the process of search engine optimization are content creation, keyword generation, link building and many more to make sure that the website is website friendly. Pay per click is also one of the several concepts used in SEO, which involves paying the search engine companies to improve the ranking. In PPC you have to pay whenever a customer clicks on your links. Pay for inclusion is a also prominent concept but you need SEO operations for better ranking.

With the advent of latest panda updates by Google the SEO operations have been made stringent with a strict check on the embedment of unnecessary links and the keyword density in the contents. The Meta titles in the page must not exceed more than 64 characters.

Work Better On Your Facebook Page for SEO Marketing

Facebook is definitely a good way to promote your products and services but promotion through this social networking site does not end by just creating a page on it. This platform can work wonders for the SEO process of any web development company but the need is to work on it. There are some special tactics and techniques that help to make maximum profits out of Facebook promotion. In this blog, we are going to discuss few of the important ones.

Firstly, don’t ignore your page and spend as much time you can, on it. Starting with the essentials, always aim to use the keyword in your URL or rightly said the username. Moreover, don’t forget to keep it short and memorable as such usernames are better remembered by the Facebook users. Getting a username with Facebook is a mere requirement of 25 fans. Once you get these many fans, a good option can be to provide a unique username for each page.

A username once selected for the Facebook cannot be changed but the page name can be in case you have less than 100 fans. For the page name, don’t go with the general terms and target for something specific related to your company’s identity. The advantage of changing page name need not necessarily be used as it can work adversely for your SEO process.

As using keywords in username is beneficial, so it is in case of status updates. While working with Facebook, don’t forget to regularly upload links to your main websites on other sources too like your core website, blogs, contact page, twitter profile and linkedin profile. Avoiding content wrapping and regularly optimizing photos also largely help in the process.

Power of Real Time Content Optimization

The need to engage the audience with your content will always remain a necessity for the web content writers. But delivering fresh and interesting content continuously is definitely not an easy task. This is why SEO experts now focus more social intelligence to find out what the audience is actually interested in reading, sharing and discussing. This requirement is fulfilled with the help of real time content optimization of InboundWriter.

InboundWriter helps to find the real interest of online users with the help of words and phrases which is being used by them in the process of searching and sharing. This helps to build a basis for customized and much effective SEO services. The advantage of using InboundWriter is that SEO experts don’t have to deviate from the existing content workflow. In this case, the content writers just have to insert some starter terms related to a particular topic. Rest of the task is accomplished by the search engines and social networking sites by determining the words and phrases relevant to that topic.

Real time content search helps the SEO experts in knowing the most recommended words that will prove out to be best in terms of improving the visibility of a site’s content. These key words are selected by the InboundWriter as per search and share volume and thus they play a major role in guiding the content strategy. The interactive editor present in InboundWriter also allows the writers to experiment with words and writing strategies to see how your content score changes as per word choices and content structure.

Google Panda Updates: Daunting or Rewarding

Google as always, on the spree of improving the search results, has thrown a new algorithm for the web masters and asked the poor quality websites to improve if they want to appear in the Google Search List. Google Panda, this new update which sounds cute has not been cute for many websites that were running the show by copied content and poor quality back links. So let us try to understand what the other effects of this update are and possibly how we can deal with them.

Here is the quote from the Google: “Google depends on the high quality content created by wonderful websites around the world, and we do have a responsibility to encourage a healthy web ecosystem. Therefore, it is important for high quality sites to be rewarded, and that’s exactly what this change does.”

Does this quote sounds daunting… Actually, it sounds rewarding if your website does contain quality content, good information for the end user and quality back links.
Here are the SEO practices that can surely help the websites to overcome the effects of Google Panda update:

1. Content is King: Many discussions have taken place rounding this point and there are people for and against this statement. But then, nobody has actually been able to defeat this King. Google has yet again asked the webmasters to place unique (non-copied), informative and easy to understand content for the end users. Cheap and low quality content can no longer be visible in the search list and these websites have again been pushed to get the authentic and first hand content published on their websites.

2. Customer first so make your websites easy to navigate: You may try to make your website appear different by using complex structure but the truth is that such sites are never able to generate business. Easy navigation is one of the very important elements of customer’s experience. Complex structure compels the reader to move to other webpages that are easy to view.

3. Reduce the number of Ads appearing as the pop ups or at the side of your website: People dislike sites that have too much advertisement to offer rather than the actual information. It seems that such websites are generating revenue from ads rather than from the actual customers. Many a times, such ads overshadow the content usefulness by reducing its visibility. Webmasters should make optimal usage of such an opportunity not overuse.

4. Uniformity is the key: All of us come across websites that have informative home pages but poor quality internal pages. At times, internal pages are only full of graphic or advertisements. It is advisable to maintain uniformity throughout the websites and no page shall be neglected. Each page is useful so make it informative, interesting and unique

5. Quality Back links: Most often, webmasters focus on generating backlinks irrespective of giving a thought whether that is coming from a quality website or not. This has to stop now, if web owners want to negate the effects of Google Panda. Google is strictly observing the backlinks of every website to understand its relevancy. No longer is Google ranking such sites that have sufficient amount of back links. Now for Google, quality is the key. If you have backlinks pointing to your websites placed on the poor quality sites then stop it right now. Your next link building campaign should be to get the backlinks from websites that are high in quality and are relevant to your site. If good backlinks increase in number then surely, your website will be in the Google’s good books or shall we write Google’s search list!!

6. Black is not the color especially for SEO techniques: We would like to specially emphasize on Black hat techniques, which have never been supported by Google. Such techniques may help you in gaining overnight success but think of the long term benefit, which is definitely more important. Please do not take help from SEO firms that are making use of Black hat SEO techniques.

We hope that the above information will help you deal with the effects of Google Panda updates easily and effectively. All the very best to SEO Experts!!

SEO Services India Provide Economical SEO Solutions

Many a times, even after spending substantial amount on your SEO process you don’t seem to be getting desired results. This happens when your SEO consultant focuses more on quantity rather than quality. Generally SEO companies charge money as per the amount of work done on your site or number of blogs and articles submitted during a period. But the true rule to follow, which is very well executed by SEO India is providing results irrespective of the quantity put in the process.

The best standards on which the work of an SEO company can be compared are their previous projects. Nothing on the web is permanent and especially the SEO rankings change in fraction of seconds. SEO Services India works upon the need of maintaining the attained results. The companies are transparent about the methods they utilize to give you a fair notion upon which you can base your choices.

It is no more difficult to understand that SEO works as the sales man that advertises your products at every door step. It’s like taking your products to the people when people don’t make efforts to search for it. Today people prefer to shop for small items on the internet itself rather than wasting time for them in the markets. To make a website perfect for shopping purposes, a major need is customized ecommerce solutions.

SEO Expert India is well versed with the ecommerce requirements of a website and their efforts are directed towards making the process of SEO more economical. Right implementation of SEO will help to improve the ecommerce shopping cart of your website. In turn, your website will appear on better rankings on more and more search engines and gain popularity amongst web users at a faster pace.