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Contemporary Social Media Strategies for Greater Engagement

One cannot overemphasize the fact that social media branding lies at the heart of business entities looking to draw maximum engagement from potential customers. However, it is equally important to employ right social media strategies and improvise as and when appropriate. While lesser known brands look down the barrel at challenges from their elite rivals, the established entities, on the other hand, look to stay afloat as competition continues to go through the roof with a growing number of start-ups popping up every day. To survive in such a challenging environment, it is important that you align your marketing campaign with right social media practices.

Leverage Videos on Social Networks

Stats have showed that many a number of brands have not stressed on videos as a potential social media tool. Further, these stats suggest that on Facebook, video draws three times as much engagement as any other kind of content. But by the same token, it has been observed that the 7 posts that brands share on Facebook per week feature less than 1% videos while the remaining 99% feature 80% links and 19% photos. With the introduction of Facebook’s new live feature, however, these brands must look to tool around more with videos on Facebook.

Optimum Utilization of Links

While videos remain underutilized on social media platforms, links, on the other side, are available in overwhelming numbers. These links occupy almost 50% of the content on social networks. Speaking of engagement, however, the devil lies in the details. Links lag behind video on Facebook and photos on Twitter so far as maximum engagement is concerned. Links, as an integral part of social media strategies, are intended to drive traffic back to the website. Such a fact may suggest that utilizing visual content to good effect may drive more engagement and reach for links when posted.