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Google Panda 3.5 Boots Hits Online Businesses Sending Out from Google Index

It completely astonished several online business owners when they found that their high and rich keywords are now no more visible on Google search engine, which were used be at the top 10 positions of the search engine once. All the credits goes to Google Panda update 3.5., which has flushed all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) link methods down to the drain to reward the websites that they consider, are providing optimum quality to users. However, many small business owners, fearing great loss, have already started feeling the impact of Google Panda 3.5 boots on their sales, which has been dropped to large extent. Many small business owners are even unsure that whether they would be to survive to the sudden change in Google’s algorithms.

As per Google’s recent announcement, they are very soon going to introduce a vital algorithm change that is meant to target webspam. Due to this drastic change in future, the ranking of those websites will be highly affected which do not follow Google’s stated guidelines for maintaining quality. Google, to maintain optimum level of quality, has always targeted webspam in ranking lists. According to them, the change in algorithm will bring an improvement in the efforts to cut down the webspam and bring high quality websites at the top ranking.

Experts, say, Google Panda surprisingly changes its algorithm after certain period of time to alert SEO experts, who use “Black Hat” SEO strategies. However, updates also affect the SEO experts who only implement “White Hat” techniques, that is why, online marketing services providers are concentrating on new SEO strategy to create brand rather than depending on search engines.