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Tips and Advice to Deal with Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin update is one of the most talked about topics in the web world. The latest update related to Google penguin was launched on April 24. This Google update is designed to strike out the pages that are made to spam the Google. The spam is generally created in web pages by stuffing up keywords or cloaking that are against Google’s guidelines. Google updates its algorithms at regular interval, which makes great impact on the search results on Google. After Panda, a new algorithm was designed in January 2012 to punish the web pages that have too many ads above the fold, which was called page layout algorithm. Before rolling out updates this week related to Web spam algorithm update, the Google named it Google Penguin Update.

If you are worrying about this update then it is advised to look for the search-related traffic after 24th April. If there is any drop in the rankings of websites then certainly you were hit by the penguin. As it is already mentioned that sites come down to low ranking due to the presence of spam in them. You must look for the spam in your website and remove them so that you cannot be hit by any kind of update from next time. As it is algorithmic change, you cannot file for the reconsideration request if your website is hit by new updates. However, there is a form available which you can use to report the errors. With new penguin feedback form you can report to Google that you have been wrongly hit by providing examples of your last rankings on Google along with the quality of your website.