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4 Tools that will create your SEO Lifestyle Much Easier

Working with a variety of clients and projects on a daily basis, a lot of projects spend an enormous amount of time in estimating, developing strategies, analyzing and reporting. At the same time, the business has to grow, generate more leads, and develop customer loyalty and make out more money. So, the big question is how can you make all these things happen while keeping your clients and team happy?

There are many ways for agencies and SEO professionals to increase their revenue and customer loyalty regardless of whether it is generated through new technologies and enhanced internal processes.

Working close by to several agencies, five of the most common points they are struggling with are:

  • Finding solutions on how to personalize and enhance relationship with clients
  • Finding new ways to generate leads
  • Creating more accurate forecasting
  • Accelerating strategy execution
  • Building better value proposition

Automation, new widgets, and tools are often the cure for almost all problems.

Here is a list of tools and options that can help with reaching these objectives to the best satisfaction of all the parties involved.

1. Generate more quality leads through Lead generator Widget

A lead generator is a great tool that helps in attracting qualified leads using the instant SEO audit as an attraction. It is a widget that is installed on your website and provides your potential clients with a detailed report on how well their web page is optimized for a certain search inquiry. In return of this, you would be getting their contact information along with their report ending with a hot lead and a list of problems at hand in order to start the conversation going.

Brainwork Technologies offers this option within their top plans. It looks very sleek and can be customized to reflect your unique brand styling. Another important feature is to choose out a pop out from. For this, following these steps is a must:

  • Select the widget type and install: Choose the form, the color, the budget, the text and where you want to place it on your site.
  • Add a small piece of the HTML code to your website pages.
  • Get alerts on new leads and convert them into your potential clients.

2. Build Trust and personalize a client Agency relationship

The White paper is a popular option in different SEO platforms as it is aimed at presenting your SEO services as per your own technology. It is not necessary that all the SEO platforms would be offering white label as a part of their subscription. The value of the white label in building trust and credibility with your clients is beyond doubt. With minimum development work, you can use your domain and sub domain to provide personalized SEO services to your clients.

By using the white label option, you can customize the system to reflect your own interface and login page, change the header and footer of your domain. The reports that you would be sending to your clients will look as if they have been generated via your own SEO technology. Through this, it is easy to add and manage users with custom access to other SEO features like backlink monitoring, website audit, etc.

3. Use Marketing plan to speed up Estimation and Enhance Accuracy

Automating the estimation and preliminary strategy within the initial stages of your sales cycle effectively cuts the time it takes to execute while ensuring accuracy. It is a simple mini project management tool at your fingertips with an SEO twist.

4. Budgeting is a science – Treat Accordingly

Forecasting and the estimation of your SEO potential is a crucial puzzle piece for generating greater revenue while side by side making your clients happy. You can use Excel files and guess how much return on investment you might achieve from your SEO efforts. Alternatively, you can also use tools from Brainwork in order to forecast and justify your budgeting. Through this, you can easily predict how many clicks your client can get based on their search rankings. In addition, you can also access the expected traffic volume, traffic costs and more. You can then generate reports and export them in different formats to present them to your clients.

In today’s business environment, making more money is not just about increasing your rates or budget, but rather it’s all about value proposition, business processes, and technologies.  This affects the overall business efficiency of your organization.

There are various platforms such as Search engine ranking that offer almost everything that you need to successfully operate your agency, might help eliminate unnecessary clutter and complexity further helping you to grow a prosperous business and long-term client relation in the field of digital marketing.

Become Reverend Marketer with SEO Tools

SEO is a constantly evolving field and the advent of technology has further given much-needed thrust to it. As more and more business continue to tap into the capabilities abound of internet, we have been deluged with a wide array of tools, which are being employed in the SEO arena. Further, such tools have streamlined major operations of essence in the SEO and have changed the face of the way we accomplished SEO in the past.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush

SEMrush is a powerful tool, which is utilized into gauging whether our website has adequate quotient of health or not. Further, during our operations to gain outreach and accomplish link-building activities, we employ SEMrush in order to check into the number of keywords ranked for by the website in Google. In addition, In case we come across sites boasting of high volume of inbound links but still there exists no keyword, ranked in SEMrush, then there are chances that those sites have been penalized. In addition, we can look into the aspect of organic traffic to measure out if any massive drop has struck the site. In the event of it, we understand that visit to the site will render our purpose ineffective. Additionally, we employ SEMrush into the domain of keyword research. We take the note of top sites, featuring against a primary keyword. In the subsequent course of action, we peruse the websites for the keywords, which they have been ranked for. Combination of keywords list with a number of sites in the industry would yield an exhaustive keywords list.


BuzzSumo is touted to be more of a social tool than SEO tool. However, in the recent times, it has been the case that social media and SEO have become inalienably integrated into each other. This has prompted the need for BuzzSumo into the arena of SEO activities. BuzzSumo is chiefly utilized in the search for ideas regarding visual, social, and blog content. Once repository of keywords has been created, these keywords are looked for in BuzzSumo. The purpose behind it is to churn out the ways of entitling the content. Moreover, BuzzSumo comes across as a one-stop solution when we seek to employ brainstorming to acquire ideas for new info-graphics.

In the end, it is worth concluding that a large number of online marketing companies have integrated standardized SEO practices into their operations. Also, such tools are pivotal to effective SEO practices. Thus, in order to reap the most out of your association with the SEO Company make it a point to ensure that aforementioned tools are employed into operations of the company.